Preparation sheet for registration of a person as an IQP or registering for additional systems

Thank you for choosing to apply for the IQP registration online.

You can use this online form to:

  • Apply to have yourself registered as an Independent Qualified Person (IQP), and
  • Apply to add extra areas of expertise to your registration if you are currently IQP registered

If you have a current IQP registration and you wish to renew it without adding extra systems, please cancel this form and select the Renew option for your IQP registration.


You need to have two referees when applying for IQP registration.

You need to provide both of the referees with a Referee Assessment Form (Form 3), an Other Information Form (Form 4), and a Referee Declaration and Evaluation (Form 5), together with your completed Work History Summary, and ask them to submit the forms to Council.

Click here to download the forms if you have not done so already.


Supporting documents you need to provide

To complete this online form, you will need to attach the following electronic documents. Please ensure you have these documents scanned and ready to attach (each preferably in PDF or JPG format) before continuing with the form:

  • A copy of your current Indemnity Insurance certificate or policy
  • At least 3 evidence documents for your quality assurance statements e.g. 12A form, Verification Procedures, Testing Method
  • Evidence of your accreditation in a recognised quality standard eg ISO/IANZ, if applicable
  • Evidence of peer review or design work for other organisations, if applicable
  • Evidence that measuring equipment you use (as IQP) is regularly calibrated, if applicable
  • Certified copies of your qualifications relevant to your IQP application
  • Certified copies of your membership, registration and licence certificates relevant to your IQP application

Once you have the electronic forms ready to attach, please click Continue to apply for your registration.