Thank you for choosing to apply for your footpath sign permit online.

Conditions for footpath signs:

  1. A footpath sign can be no larger than 600mm wide and 750mm high with a maximum base area is 0.45 square metres.  A flag or banner, that is either affixed or free standing, can be no larger than 0.75m wide and 3.2m high.
  2. A maximum of one sign per road frontage is permitted.
  3. The footpath sign must not obscure road users visibility or be placed in a position that restricts vehicle access to a right of way or to any public place which provides a right of access for vehicles.
  4. A footpath sign must be located in a way that does not impinge on the continuous clearway and it must observe the setback requirements in Schedule 1.
  5. The footpath sign must not resemble a warning sign or road traffic sign.
  6. The footpath sign must not have sharp edges or projections which may cause injury to pedestrians.
  7. The sign must be constructed to ensure it is secure against all weather conditions and gusts of wind.
  8. An enforcement officer may request removal of sign/s to allow works or maintenance services to take place.
  9. Advertising shall not be illuminated, have reflective surfaces or resemble a traffic sign.
  10. All signs are to be removed from the footpath outside of hours of business.

Full terms & conditions

Please read Council's Public Places Policy for a full list of all terms & conditions that apply to footpath signs. Please click here to see a full set of fees and charges.

Supporting documents you need to provide

To complete this online form, you will need to attach the following electronic documents. Please ensure you have these documents scanned and ready to attach (each preferably in PDF or JPG format) before continuing with the form:

  • A map showing the location of the footpath sign
  • A photograph of the footpath sign

Once you have the electronic forms ready to attach, please click Continue.

Site Visit

As part of the processing of your application, a warranted officer of the Hamilton City Council may need to conduct a site visit to view the sign.