Thank you for choosing to apply for your mobile shop permit online.

Terms & conditions

Please read Council's Public Places Policy for a full list of all terms & conditions that apply for a mobile shop permit. Click here to see the full set of fees and charges.

Conditions for mobile shops

  1. No mobile shop is permitted to operate in a traffic zone where the posted speed limit is greater than 60km per hour.
  2. The location of mobile shops will not impede or inconvenience the flow of traffic, pedestrians or customers and must not breach any bylaw or traffic legislation.
  3. Permits may include permission to have tables and chairs in close proximity to the mobile shop for the purposes of dining.  Council has sole discretion to determine what constitutes close proximity.
  4. Mobile shops selling, preparing and handling food must comply with food hygiene regulations.
  5. Mobile shops selling alcohol must hold the necessary alcohol licenses.
  6. Hours of operation are only permitted between 6:00am and 10:00pm.
  7. The permit must be displayed at all times.


Council reserves the right to add additional conditions to your application

It should be noted that Mobile Shops operating within a public place fits within the definition of temporary retail activity as defined within the Hamilton Operative District Plan. Rule of the District Plan a) to e) specifies the standards for which mobile shops (as temporary retail activity) must adhere to.


Supporting documents you need to provide

To complete this online form, you will need to attach the following electronic documents

Please ensure you have these documents scanned and ready to attach (each preferably in PDF or JPG format)

  • A copy of current food licence (If you intend to sell food then you must either have a current food licence or have an application being processed)
  • A photograph of the mobile shop
  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate to a minimum value of $2,000,000.00 can be emailed to and the Business Administrator will be in contact if necessary.


Please note: if your mobile shop is selling food or alcohol you must have already applied for these licences.

Site Visit: As part of the processing of your application, a warranted officer of Hamilton City Council may need to conduct a site visit to view the mobile shop.